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Guest of the Month: April 2019


Tara has been a guest of Rachel's Kitchen since 2013 and visits our District location frequently! She's also a big fan of our Preferred Guest program and frequently utilizes her exclusive offers. Our District staff was over the moon to have Tara recognized as Guest of the Month! She's a familiar face and joy to see, and our team only has wonderful things to say about her.


How did you discover Rachel's Kitchen? How long have you been a guest? What's your favorite location?

I discovered Rachel's Kitchen while walking around the District, and I’ve been a guest since 2013; the District is my favorite location!

What's your favorite item?

Probably the Chinese Chicken Salad. I think all of the breakfast items are fabulous!

Random fact about yourself?

Been in Las Vegas for 20+ years!

Finish this sentence: Rachel's Kitchen is...

The best! It truly is great food and they have an amazing staff! All around an enjoyable experience!