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Guest of the Month: February 2019

Jamie and Sara

Jamie and Sara have been guests of Rachel’s Kitchen on Hualapai for over 10 years! As Las Vegas natives, they know a thing or two about the best, and we appreciate their loyalty so much!

Our Hualapai location was over the moon to have the both of you recognized as a Guest of the Month. They are always thrilled to have you dine with us and appreciate your friendliness. You greet everyone by name, and it's always a pleasure!


How did you discover Rachel's Kitchen? How long have you been a guest? What's your favorite location?

We learned about Rachel’s through word of mouth, and we’ve been guests of the Hualapai location for over 10 years!

What's your favorite item?

Energizer Juice, Arugula Pear with Chicken, Chopped Salad and Signature Salad.

Random fact about yourself?

Both Las Vegas natives!

Finish this sentence: Rachel's Kitchen is...

Healthy food and a comfortable atmosphere!